GT-5L race engine
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CR Machine's GT-5L engine is like no other engine on the market. It features a precision balanced crankshaft (not stock factory balance). This engine has been completely disassembled and has features you won't find in any other engine. Crankshaft geometry is unique, offering higher performance than an ordinary GT-5 engine. The engine is accurately assembled and the crankshaft is precisely shimmed to the crankcase. Excellent cylinder porting and CR Machine's special long spigot intake system gives this engine a very wide powerband. The GT-5L engine is only available with the 19.5mm PHBG carburetor.

This engine should be connected to a good quality, tuned expansion chamber exhaust system.

If race fuel (100+ octane) is used, the 5.5 or 6.0cc head can be used.

If normal pump fuel (89-94 octane) is used, I recommend the 7.0cc head.

The PHBG style spigot mount carburetor included with the engine has been set up with correct idle and main jets for average conditions. Extra main jets are also included for fine tuning to correct for the elevation that the engine will operate in. Also comes with high quality foam air filter.



GT-5L race engine

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