Super race motor, like new.
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Engine has very low miles. Fresh Factory Rebuild. New ported cylinder and piston and new carburetor, jets, coupling and air filter.

Fitted with an impregnated Roo magneto.

Fitted with the "bonneville" 8.0cc extra low compression head for use with premium pump fuel (91 octane, minimum) Race fuel not required.

Takes C7HSA spark plug, included.

For hard driving, use 20:1 fuel/oil ratio. For medium driving, use 32:1 ratio.

This motor is basically new. I could actually sell it as new and you would never be able to tell!

Well, here is your chance to get the amazing stroked super motor. Don't wait, it's going to go fast!

This motor is for pros ONLY!

Intendended to be connected with an optimal tuned expansion chamber exhaust.


Super race motor, like new.

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