VM18 carburetor and Intake plus used skyhawk cylinder
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 From the earlier times when I was experimenting with the VM18.

Some people still prefer the Mikuni's so, heres a new one.

You need to handle the jetting.

I remember a .65main and a .25idle worked well.

In this listing, you get a new Genuine Mikuni carb, new plenum intake and a used race cylinder for GT-5 motor.

For those who are unfamiliar, the GT-5 motors generally use the FM80 rod.

They take a type B piston and have a 38mm stroke.

These days the only engines I know of that use fine thread cylinder head nuts are the GT-5 type.

Well, anyway, if you want to run this lightly used cylinder, it will run well on a GT-5 type motor.

The chrome is still in fine shape. It's ported to run an expansion chamber type exhaust system.

The cylinder is the rare and collectible skyhawk cylinder bodies that had big cooling fins.

I don't know where to get them anymore.

Have fun you tinkerers!

VM18 carburetor and Intake plus used skyhawk cylinder

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