GT-5 SUPER bottom end assembly
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If you want to do your own porting and you want to have an edge over the competition, this bottom end assembly is for you.

The GT-5 SUPER has a unique crankshaft that offers higher crankcase compression than most other engine types.

It is not a GT-5.

The GT-5 SUPER has better high rev. performance compared to the normal GT-5.

Whether your cylinder will be a piston port or equipped with reed valve, this bottom end will work very well.

The precision balanced crankshaft is produced at CR Machine.

Extreme high quality assembly insures reliability.

Porting is easy by purchasing "U-Port" cylinder bodies from CR Machine.

The GT-5 SUPER requires special, shortened cylinder bodies.

The U-Port cylinders are pre-machined at CR Machine.

This platform gives home/apartment race engine builders an edge over the competition.

Simple hand porting work is the only thing left to do.

No piston crown beveling required, except for "X" cylinders.

Optimal port timing is easy.

For optimal porting the following steps can be done:

  • Widen exhaust port
  • Lower intake port and or piston skirt modifications
  • Transfer ports do not need to be changed other than smoothing rough edges
  • Bevels on piston crown is not recommended

This engine is not designed to work with stock or straightpipe exhaust.

Use a tuned expansion chamber style exhaust.

Add a head for wholesale price!


GT-5 SUPER bottom end assembly

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