MPG-38 engine, NEW
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For those who simply want a reliable engine that can bring you to speeds up to 45 MPH, the MPG-38 engine may be the best choice for you.

This motor is designed to out perform stock, out of the box motors in every way, and is designed to run the STOCK exhaust pipe or the "banana pipe". 

The MPG-38 is NOT designed for use with a tuned expansion chamber exhaust.

This GT-5 type engine gets excellent port job, designed to get the most out of a stock exhaust system; low speed torque.

High compression Fred Head enhances gas mileagle.

The MPG-38 maximizes low speed torque, not high RPM HP.

The new MPG-38 engine replaces the older model MPG engine.

Based on the torquey GT-5 geometry, this engine is designed for economy and reliability.

The MPG-38 engine is designed to be used with stock muffler, "banana pipe" or straight pipe exhaust.

Not recommended to be used with a tuned expansion chamber exhaust.

Useable power is from 1,800 - 7,000 RPM, making this engine excellent for simple, single speed drivetrain.

The recommended cylinder head is the 5.0cc model.

If you are operating the engine in a very hot climate, you can select the 5.5 or 6.0cc cylinder head.

The use of smaller rear sprockets (30-36 tooth) will allow your MPG-38 engine to comfortably hum along at low engine speeds.

Use 40:1 fuel/oil ratio

Comes with spark plug, NT carburetor, throttle cable and extra jets.

Bottom end is not available in "stock" condition: Due to factory defects, all units must undergo full rework.

Now available with entire bicycle kit for additional $40.00

MPG-38 engine, NEW

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