Engine rebuilding service

Instructions for sending CR Machine your engine for rebuilding. Please carefully read these instructions below:

In the repair shop, I examine/test everything.

Anything that is in spec will be reused , if possible.

If that is not possible those parts will be put into inventory and other parts will be used.

An honest credit for your parts will be applied to your bill.


If you want to have me fix your engine, you can send it to me, along with deposit of $220 cash or check, made payable to: Frederic Chelminski

And make sure you include a note to me with your shipping address and contact info, as well as what kind of engine you want, including the type of exhaust you choose to run (there are two basic types: Stock muffler, straight pipe, "banana pipe" OR Tuned expansion chamber exhaust)

Check out my website for what kind of engine you would like and let me know. If you want a reed valve engine, send the reed valve unit with the engine.


Your original deposit may cover the entire cost, if your parts are good and you pick a lower cost engine.

If some of your parts are bad and/or you desire a more expensive motor, you will get a bill for additional costs.

$20.00 "Shop Time Blocks" can be purchased BELOW


Frederic Chelminski

CR Machine

57 Danforth RD.

Rindge, NH 03461



Shop time block
Shop time block

Engine rebuilding service.

Other machine shop services available:

Send cash or check (made payable to Frederic Chelminski) along with the parts.

Rechamber cylinder head: $20.00

True and balance crankshaft: $80.00