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P-Series Large Cup Blowpipe

Stem Dia: .625" Head Dia: 1.19" Head Length: 10" Wall Thickness: .083" Handle Length: N/A Overall Length: 55"

The P-611 blowpipe is a small, lightweight tool with a 5/8” body diameter and a 1-3/16” head diameter. The large head diameter is useful if you need to get an adequate amount of glass on the pipe to make your piece fast, possibly saving you from having to take an additional gather. The P-611 is a lightweight tool made with high-grade .065” wall thickness stainless steel tubing for a long, reliable service life. The blowpipe head material this tool is made with an excellent, heat resistant type 330 alloy which is superior to 310 stainless, and is resistant to thermal shock from quenching in water. The tool is available with mouthpiece and knurling options. Whatever options you choose, the price is the same.


*Most Nickelite Blowpipes and Punties are made to order (*will process as a back-ordered item).  In stock items ship within two business days. We manufacture in the order in which we receive payment.  Typical manufacturing takes about 2 weeks.  Large orders (6+ items) or custom tools can take up to 4 weeks.


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