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Large Cup Punty : No Knurling Available

Stem Dia: .5" Head Dia: .5" Head Length: 5" Wall Thickness: .065" Handle Length: 6" Overall Length: 53"


The LP-55 punty is a small, ½” diameter lightweight hollow punty which has a superb “feel” for transferring delicate blown work. The LP-55 is a straight version with a ½” tip diameter. The tool body is made with high-grade 0.065” wall thickness stainless steel tubing, giving the tool a long, reliable service life. A knurled brass handle is silver soldered to the back end of the tool. The LP series tools use a 5” head length and are not recommended for heavy duty, deep heating operations. The shorter head length simplifies construction by omitting the need for back-drilling the head for lightening purposes. The lower price reflects this, and makes these tools excellent value for money.


*Most Nickelite Blowpipes and Punties are made to order (*will process as a back-ordered item).  In stock items ship within two business days. We manufacture in the order in which we receive payment.  Typical manufacturing takes about 2 weeks.  Large orders (6+ items) or custom tools can take up to 4 weeks.


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