Stage 1 GT-5 Top End Kit 66cc
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Stage 1 GT-5 Top End Kit 66cc:

This Stage 1 Engine Kit provides turnkey performance for your GT-5 motor. Buy the whole top end kit and get the original center fire Fred Head for free! This american designed and manufactured cylinder head has many copycats trying to get a free ride from Fred's hard work. Buying from CR Machine will help keep an American machinist at work. Thank you! The cylinder body in this kit is fully and beautifully ported and polished for optimal flow and timing characteristics.

Kit Includes:

  • Your choice of 5.3cc, 6.0cc, or 7.0cc chamber billet Stage 2 center fire cylinder head w/extra-tall nuts & flat washers *see note below
  • 1 Modified cylinder body 
  • 1 Modified GT-5 (Type-B) piston with rings
  • 1 Wrist pin set
  • 1 thin aluminum head gasket
  • 1 high quality base gasket
  • 1 Exhaust port gasket
  • 1 NGK B7HS spark plug

*For engines using a stock or mildly advanced exhaust system, the 5.3 cc head is a good choice. For engines equipped with a highly advanced exhaust system, use the 6.0 or 7.0 cc head.


  • Before fitting the spark plug, gently rotate the engine to verify that the piston does not hit the cylinder head or the crankshaft.
  • Torque head nuts to 80 inch pounds (6.5 foot pounds) for fine threads; do not over tighten. 
  • The extra tall nuts that come with this kit will not fit the current GT-5 engines which use fine threads on the cylinder head studs.

Stage 1 GT-5 Top End Kit 66cc

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